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CIF you need feature-rich and flexible PHP web applications and web services, Watermarkz will meet your requirements leveraging the power of Symfony Framework. Symfony enables us delivering high-end web solutions rapidly with optimized performance and minimum repetitive coding tasks.

Most of our projects are executed with Symfony PHP5 framework. In addition to Symfony web development we offer Zend and CakePHP-based applications development, deployment and debugging.

Symfony development services

  • Symfony-based Web sites design
  • Complex web applications development using MVC Architecture
  • Social networking development on Symfony
  • Symfony Plugin development
  • CMS development using Symfony Framework
  • Symfony consulting services
  • Symfony applications testing

With Watermarkz you will get the most out of the Symfony framework and PHP web development services. Our Symfony developers apply the best practices of Rapid application development to build professional Symfony web applications with increased performance and security.

Why choose Watermarkz for Symfony development

  • We are more than only Symfony developers, view our software development services
  • Read testimonials of happy customers of Watermarkz
  • Our PHP developers are experienced with other PHP Frameworks: CakePHP, Prado and Zend Framework
  • Rapid application development and agile methodology principled are used
  • At Watermarkz you will get you web applications optimized and enhanced
  • We use Symfony Framework to shorten application development time and reduce costs

About Symfony Framework

Symfony is a PHP-based platform for rapid application development. Symfony Framework follows MVC best-practice programming techniques with main focus on application security. This is free software licensed under the MIT license. Watermarkz Symfony developers receive full control over the applications' configuration and avoid repetitive coding tasks. Taking benefits of Symfony Framework tools and architecture we increase custom project performance and shorten development time.

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